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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Why does Dream Docks have the reputation as the “if you want it done right” dock & Seawall Contractor?
ANS:  Dream Docks only works in the Marine Construction Industry. We do back yard docks to full scale marina’s. We operate and solely specialize in the Marine Construction industry. We build docks, decks, boat houses, boat lifts, seawalls, bulkheads, retaining walls, rock revetments, pergolas, trellis and many other marine structures. We don’t operate in any other construction industry . We pay attention to detail and provide a quality product that our clients can enjoy for a lifetime. Your Dock is an extension of your home and we take pride in creating a beautiful addition to your home.

FAQ: Why aren’t you a member of the better business bureau?
ANS: When we were starting out we were members. However, These types of “operations” are not allowed to give a bad report on anybody and the biggest crook in any industry will get a satisfactory report. We see no purpose in belonging and paying to belong to an agency that reports on members and non members. You can call the BBB and receive a report on Dream Docks and we guarantee it will be satisfactory and no complaints.

FAQ: I’m getting at least 3 estimates….. Is that a good idea?
ANS: There are over 40 licensed Marine Contractors in Brevard County, some are good and some are not so good. At least 40 more have come and gone in the past twenty years. There is no standard construction method in the Marine Construction industry so, this is a buyer beware industry. Also, price rarely goes synonymous with Quality. Getting 3 estimates on a car or refrigerator made in a factory built in an assembly line is a great idea, but no 3 Dock Builders are alike. There is no school of dock and seawall and they all aren’t made elsewhere  on an assembly line and then shipped here for sale. Each and everyone is Hand Crafted by individuals and “Quality is the Product of Proud People”.

FAQ: Is your company licensed and insured?
ANS: Most certainly, the Brevard County Permitting and Enforcement is the local level licensing authority.  There are 2 Levels of Marine Contractor Licenses, there is the Marine 1 Contractor and the Marine 2 Contractor. The Marine 1 Contractor can legally do any area of Marine Construction and the Marine 2 Contractor has limited areas that they are qualified to work in.  The numerical system the State/County developed starts at numerical number 1200 and goes up. Meaning that M1 1200 had credentials before M1 1265, there is no 1265 and we chose that number to not offend any current contractor. However one day there shall be a 1265 and to them we mean no offence.

FAQ: Do I need a permit?
ANS: Depending on where your property is located you may need DEP permitting, Brevard County or City permitting. Call us and we can help determine which one you need, 321-951-1444.

FAQ: What information do I need to pull a permit?
ANS: DEP- application page 5 signed, proof of ownership, property survey.
Brevard County or City- Building Permit Application (signed and notarized), Notice of Commencement (signed and notarized), property survey.

FAQ: How does the permit process work?
ANS: Once all required paperwork is in our office we prepare the package including drawings, any engineering drawings (if necessary, and is an additional cost), Seagrass Survey and Water Depth Survey (necessary for DEP permitting). Permitting can take as little as approximately 2 weeks for city or county permits and as long as 2-3 months or even up to a year for state and Federal permits (DEP,  Army Corps & St. John‘s).

FAQ: What insurance is required in the Marine Construction Industry and does your company carry these?
ANS: The industry has several insurance requirements Auto, Public Liability, Workers Comp., USL&H Longshoreman’s Insurance & Jones Act and yes we carry all necessary insurances.

FAQ: What if we want to hire Joe with the Pick Up Truck who is unlicensed and uninsured? But he’s cheaper by a few dollars.
ANS: There are ways to do this and most are illegal and some are felonies.  Let’s say that someone says that they are a contractor, but they have another contractor pull the building permit, it is an illegal act. It is called “aiding and abetting an unlicensed contractor“.

FAQ: Does Dream Docks carry all necessary insurances?
ANS: Yes we do including Jones Act and USL&H, which is required of the Marine Construction Industry.

FAQ: What if I want to go after a licensed contractor? The guy took my money, never returns my phone calls and failed to perform the work.
ANS: The Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board has a program  to reimburse homeowners for damages caused by a licensed contractor. You don’t have this luxury against an unlicensed contractor.

FAQ: Why do you use screws instead of ring shank nails?
ANS: Over time nails raise and allow the deck boards to warp and curl. Although there is a considerable cost savings it comes with a high price in the end, as the boards curl and warp the nails will stick up above the decking, causing safety issues. When the nail raises it can also cause serious harm to your families toes and feet.

FAQ: How will my dock transition onto land?
ANS: The dock to land transition should be smooth and even, so there should be no step up to your dock. Making items that roll, easy to access the dock. Gas cans, coolers, and more. If at the beginning of your dock is a step up, you probably hired Lazy Dock Company. Dream Docks pays attention to every little detail and doing it right matters to us. Because we plan on being around tomorrow.

FAQ: I see other companies not using beams in their roof systems. Will/Can you do this for me?
ANS: Sure if you sign a disclaimer and realize that docks are built with beam to pole connections. So if you leave out the beams your doing half of the job and doing things half right hasn’t kept us in business for 30 years. I see those other guys building in this fashion, I think they don’t care about their product. I also see missing critical parts on boat lifts and failing to make proper Beam to Pole Connections. They’re doing this to eliminate cost and the homeowner is clueless. We would never sacrifice product for bottom line and that’s why 90% of our projects survived the 2004 Hurricane Season.

FAQ: Can you do my electric?
ANS: A Marine Contractor can sub contract the job to an electrician. Some Companies claim to employ electricians. We have yet to see any of these companies deliver a quality electrical job and ability of the Marine Construction License stops over land. Meaning to properly run your dock electric service, you must start or finish at the house. We have a licensed electrician that we recommend to you and he delivers a quality product. We have also seen where the Marine Construction Company who did the electric, has now added unfounded pulleys and additional cable due to the wiring having insufficient voltage. Beware of all of that!

FAQ: I had another company tell me that the drives of a boatlift are the most important part of the boat lift. Is this true?
ANS: Absolutely not! There are many other features to a boat lift to consider, before the drives. Drives are a ploy of the boat lift companies for sales increase and profit raising. Simply stated the belt drive gear unit has been successfully used in the industry for almost 60 years. These “New” and “Improved” drive systems are a sales tactic and the truth is most are untested, unlike the belt drive.

FAQ: If the belt brakes will my boat lift fail?
ANS: No! However the untested “Modern” drives may drop your vessel.

FAQ: What should I concern my self with on these Modern day boat lift drive units?
ANS: Everyday there is someone attempting to improve on the Belt Gear Drive since it was invented and  with little success. The most often thing that happens is the latest invention fails to be successful and is discontinued. This can lead to replacement of the drive units, or replacement of the entire boat lift because the “Modern” drive unit parts are no longer being manufactured.

FAQ: How many boat lifts has your company installed and what size of lifts have you done?
ANS: Approximately in the high hundreds if not thousands of boat lifts have been constructed by Dream Docks and we have lifted boats from 200 pounds to 100,000 pounds.

FAQ: Does Dream Docks recommend a remote control with automatic shut off (limit switch) on the boat lifts that you install and if so, why?
Ans: The luxury of a remote control and auto shut off is not only a luxury item, they are also a safety feature and cost saving feature. They help eliminate user error and eliminate damage to your cables, a main feature of most all style boatlifts.

FAQ: What is “Ultra Wood” Treating?
Ans: When the Pressure Treating factory treats lumber it places the lumber in a large container and then fills the container with the treatment. Also added into the container is Water Sealer Wax and this adds a water repellant not only on the outside of the lumber but actually into the lumber which is commonly known as “Wax Impregnated Lumber”. This adds an additional barrier against swelling of the lumber when it rains or the wood gets wet. Meaning checking, splintering and warping are reduced greatly than just painting on a deck sealer.


FAQ: Are composites and vinyl decking better than using wood decking?
ANS: In some cases yes, however they also require cleaning and will stain with mold and mildew.

FAQ: What is the most inexpensive decking that can properly be used and last over a period of time?
Ans; #1 Dense 2” by 6” Decking is the decking to use if you’re on a budget. But remember that it will require sealing every 12 to 18 months if you want it to last over a lifetime.

FAQ: Is there anything that you haven’t told me about boat docks and seawalls?
Ans: Yes, we have barely skimmed the surface and there are a million things that we haven’t discussed. We could go on for ever, but I suggest hiring Dream Docks and forget the questions. Our Marine Construction Experience is unmatched anywhere in Brevard Florida. Remember cost is not always synonymous to quality.




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