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Workmanship Warranty

“Dream Docks” is Brevard County’s First, Licensed and Insured Marine Construction Company in Brevard County. Including necessary USL&H and Jones Act. Which are necessary in Marine Construction. We didn’t blow in with the Hurricanes. Literally hundreds of Marine Construction companies have come and gone in Brevard County. “Dream Docks” brings 34 years of Solid Reputation to Your Marine Construction Project and We believe that every project is an extension to your home and should be constructed with Pride and Delivered On Time for a Fair and Honest Price.

We have noticed that many companies that blew in with the Hurricanes. Have modeled their construction methods by copying “Dream Docks” methods and these companies are 100% Confident about the copied engineering methods and workmanship. We ascertain imitation as Flattery. But remember there is only one “Dream Docks” and although it may look like a “Dream Dock” many aspects are different and although we would welcome an opportunity to openly and publicly tell you why. That would present opportunity for that aspect of our company to be imitated also and we choose to protect those trade secrets. But we welcome every potential client to ask why “Dream Docks” stands above the rest in the Marine Construction Industry.

Other Companies may say they stand behind their work and product. But “Dream Docks” is constantly bombarded with repair calls on New or Close to New Marine Structures. There are thousands of ways to cut cost in the Marine Construction Industry and we have learned that the informed client chooses Dream Docks Inc. Boating and Living on the water are supposed to be stress free living. We make that Happen! We also don’t take short cuts or Reinvent the wheel to accommodate Modern Boat Lifts. We have tried and true construction methods unmatched by others.

Product warranties are different from every manufacturer. Dream Docks Inc. are Manufacturer Authorized Installers of most any Product Manufactured for the Marine Construction Industry. We prefer to recommend and install lifetime products that we have self tested to meet our standards before we install them at your home. Three Decades of Brevard County Marine Construction experience and Knowledge can assure each client with confidence that they have chosen the right company for the job. But all products and materials are per the valid warranty period of the manufacturer and their specifications. “Dream Docks” warranties all workmanship for the life of the product and we mean that and have literally Thousands of Satisfied Clients that have offered to be references.

We gladly supply references upon request and welcome you to contact us now at sales@dreamdocks.com